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CLWE Iteration Plan

Please also see Admin Todos for CLWE non-coding tasks

Feeback from uses

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Overview and tool usage

Instead of using wiki pages to keep track of tasks, the trackers will be used. Wiki pages can still be used to contain more details about a task or contain discussions.

To Add a Tracker item

The tracker status will be used as a communication method.
  • open (green) : Task is ready to be done or is in progress
  • pending (yellow) : Questions remain before development can be completed or task can be closed
  • closed (gray) : Task is completed, tested and accepted.

Function groups

Function Group A: Polish current version of multilingual support
  • This iteration does not introduce new features. It just evaluates current features and does minor improvements to make them more usable and useful.

Function Group B: Minimal useful version
  • This version will have everything that's needed to be actually usable.

Function Group C: Reading and translating from unfamiliar languages
  • This version will include features to help visitors read content in languages they are not that familiar with, and translate content from languages they are not that familiar with.
  • Machine Translation technology will be required for this.
NOTE:This is the kind of stuff that Alain can justify doing on his work time about 1 day per week. So maybe Iteration 1 could proceed at the same time as Iteration 0?

Function Group D: Translation Effort Management and Coordination
  • This implements features to allow the site's translation community to self-organize, determine priorities, etc...
  • Although these tasks are important, most of them CAN already be done by creating wiki pages and using them for coordination. That's why we leave them to later iterations.

Function Group E: Computer Assisted Translation Tools
  • This implements support for standard CAT tools used by professional translators.
  • Things like bilingual dictionaries, terminology databases and specialized lexicons, translation memories.

Function Group F: Improvements From a Translator's Feedback
  • These are improvements proposed by André Guyon. They can span several function groups. For now I'm putting them separately here.

Iteration plan

The iteration plan as presented is subject to changes over the course of the project. More iterations may be added beyond iteration 4 as required by the project.

The order in which tasks are arranged depends on both the user priorities and internal dependencies.

Iteration -1 : Before we started

 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
closedSwitch to Another Language Version of a PageAPriorlphuberdeauTue 15 of Jan, 2008 14:41 GMT
closedCreate a Page in a Particular LanguageAPriorlphuberdeauTue 15 of Jan, 2008 14:40 GMT
closedAssociate a Page to Its Existing TranslationAPriorlphuberdeauTue 15 of Jan, 2008 14:41 GMT

Iteration 1 : Groundwork

  • January 7 to January 25
 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
closedConfigures the Site to Support Content in Multiple LanguagesAOnelphuberdeauTue 22 of Jan, 2008 17:33 GMT
closedDo the Initial Translation of a Page into a Given LanguageAOnelphuberdeauTue 22 of Jan, 2008 19:05 GMT
closedBasic translation UIBOnelphuberdeauTue 22 of Jan, 2008 17:31 GMT

Iteration 2 : A Step Forward

  • January 28 to February 15
 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
closedCreate a Page in a Particular LanguageATwolphuberdeauTue 19 of Feb, 2008 15:05 GMT
closedSet language preferencesATwolphuberdeauMon 28 of Jan, 2008 16:45 GMT
closedPropose higher quality translationsBTwolphuberdeauTue 19 of Feb, 2008 14:46 GMT
closedAllow content to be added to any translation without being lostBTwolphuberdeauTue 05 of Feb, 2008 18:20 GMT
closedPropagate critical translation requestsBTwolphuberdeauThu 24 of Jan, 2008 20:57 GMT
closedTranslate "button" should be an entry in the languages picklistATwoalain_desiletsThu 24 of Jan, 2008 21:16 GMT

Iteration 3 : Meta Content

  • February 18 to March 7
 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
closedBecome Aware that the Site is MultilingualAThreelphuberdeauTue 04 of Mar, 2008 16:44 GMT
closedTranslation of page structuresBThreelphuberdeauTue 04 of Mar, 2008 15:54 GMT
closedTag translation and sharingBThreelphuberdeauTue 04 of Mar, 2008 15:54 GMT
closedPrevent bots from messing up translationsAThreelphuberdeauTue 04 of Mar, 2008 15:52 GMT
openTranslation of article points to a new wiki page, not new articleBThreeWed 18 of Mar, 2009 17:26 GMT

Iteration 4 : Refine and Improve

  • March 10 to March 28
 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
closedIdentify up-to-date-ness of a pageBFourlphuberdeauWed 12 of Mar, 2008 03:14 GMT
closedTranslate page with unknown language needs more prominent warning messageBFouralain_desiletsWed 02 of Apr, 2008 13:34 GMT
closedMinor tweak to language preferences dialogAFouralain_desiletsTue 11 of Mar, 2008 16:38 GMT
closedCaption improvement to translation dialogBFouralain_desiletsTue 11 of Mar, 2008 21:15 GMT
closedTranslations should not have to always be done in one goBFourlphuberdeauWed 02 of Apr, 2008 13:37 GMT
closedBUG: Diff always assumes translation modeAFouralain_desiletsTue 25 of Mar, 2008 21:05 GMT
closedBUG Caption wrong when updating Spanish versionBFouralain_desiletsTue 03 of Jun, 2008 17:57 GMT
closedBUG with SVNBFourXaviTue 03 of Jun, 2008 16:01 GMT
openposting comments as anonymous with anti-bot code failed to meBFourFri 26 of Sep, 2008 06:42 GMT
openadd antibot catpcha for changing language for pages (tiki-edit_translation.php related features) for anonymousAFourTue 14 of Oct, 2008 19:30 GMT

Iteration 5 : Computer Assisted Translation and Machine Translation Integration.

 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
pendingSearch box at bottom of Translation dialog (or in module or popup)EFivebeyWed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:48 GMT
openImplement wrappers for other free online dictionariesEFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:30 GMT
openImport an existing dictionaryEFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:31 GMT
openSite has its own local terminology database. User can enter entries.EFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:38 GMT
openImplement automatic alignment editor to deal with pages that already exist, which were not created using a segment by segment editorEFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:40 GMT
openChange translation editor so it shows each segment in its own edit boxEFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:42 GMT
openWhen user saves a translation, aligned segments go into a TMEFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:33 GMT
openSearch field on translation editor searches not only in dictionaries and TBs but also in TMEFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:47 GMT
pendingAutomatic alignment of paralle textsEFivealain_desiletsWed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:45 GMT
pendingWrapper for Machine Translation servicesEFivemarta.stojanovicWed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:47 GMT

Project Backlog : Your Dreams Come True?

 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
pendingSupport for direct translation on new page creation linksBTBDlphuberdeauWed 12 of Mar, 2008 15:36 GMT
openCross-language notificationBTBDlphuberdeauWed 06 of Feb, 2008 14:28 GMT
pendingHandle change revertsBTBDlphuberdeauTue 15 of Jan, 2008 15:17 GMT
openImprove translate page UI/WorkflowATBDlphuberdeauThu 24 of Jan, 2008 14:05 GMT
openConstrained translation GUIBTBDalain_desiletsTue 12 of Feb, 2008 21:49 GMT
openBring user's attention to the Translations boxBTBDalain_desiletsWed 02 of Apr, 2008 13:35 GMT
openBetter diff when translating change to a pageBTBDalain_desiletsTue 19 of Feb, 2008 21:35 GMT
openDiff inserts weird end of line caractersBTBDalain_desiletsTue 03 of Jun, 2008 15:38 GMT
openAutomatic identification of synch or out-of-synch statusCTBDalain_desiletsTue 19 of Feb, 2008 22:00 GMT
openConstrained line-by-line translation GUICTBDalain_desiletsWed 02 of Apr, 2008 13:35 GMT
openTranslated changes appearing as needing translationCTBDalain_desiletsTue 19 of Feb, 2008 22:07 GMT
closedDemo movie of CLWE featuresBTBDricks99Sat 06 of Sep, 2008 09:30 GMT
closedRenamed Page Retains Its Link With Other Linguistic VersionsBTBDalain_desiletsTue 03 of Jun, 2008 15:41 GMT
openRenaming A Page Signals That Other Linguistic Versions Of That Page May Need To Be RenamedBTBDalain_desiletsThu 03 of Apr, 2008 16:57 GMT
openRenames a Page to Account for Renaming of one if its TranslationBTBDalain_desiletsThu 03 of Apr, 2008 16:58 GMT
closedRenamed Page Retains Its Link With Other Linguistic VersionsBTBDXaviTue 03 of Jun, 2008 15:38 GMT
closed"Send urgent translation request" should only be shown when appropriateBTBDSun 01 of Jun, 2008 13:30 GMT
openPreview should show the diffs (with colors) of what you just modifiedTBDMon 07 of Apr, 2008 00:37 GMT
openminor vs normal vs urgent translation request: make it clearerTBDMon 07 of Apr, 2008 02:20 GMT
open"Urgent Translation Request" option should only be offered when creating original content for a page which is part of a translation setBTBDalain_desiletsSat 21 of Jun, 2008 16:03 GMT
openPage description translationBTBDalain_desiletsTue 08 of Apr, 2008 13:50 GMT
openHow easy should it be to change the language of a page, once set?TBDSun 13 of Apr, 2008 00:04 GMT
closedpermission "minor" seems useless on doc.tw.o: registered can't use it even if granted to themTBDXaviTue 03 of Jun, 2008 16:25 GMT
openShow page by language instead of pagenameTBDricks99Tue 15 of Apr, 2008 20:01 GMT
openTable of contents appear up to date even when they aren'tBTBDalain_desiletsMon 21 of Apr, 2008 13:55 GMT
openSwitching Languages Breaks the StructureTBDricks99Tue 22 of Apr, 2008 16:57 GMT
openUsing the Open Page As Structure option breaks language switchingTBDricks99Mon 05 of Oct, 2009 13:28 GMT
openAdd languages for Project LinguaBTBDmarclaporteThu 15 of May, 2008 17:32 GMT
closedFix inline diffBTBDXaviTue 20 of May, 2008 16:18 GMT
openImplement multilingual bloggingTBDThu 15 of May, 2008 17:16 GMT
openTranslate French language "Complete Translation" buttonTBDFri 16 of May, 2008 10:42 GMT
closeddiff when a translation is started is showing wrong informationTBDXaviTue 03 of Jun, 2008 16:25 GMT
openRobot possibly assigning translationsBTBDThu 26 of Jun, 2008 11:22 GMT
openCannot disconnect one language version without disconnecting all othersBTBDSat 21 of Jun, 2008 15:58 GMT
openLanguage equivalence not transitiveBTBDTue 24 of Jun, 2008 12:47 GMT
openSave language association to wiki pages in logs (wiki apge history, action log, etc.)BTBDThu 26 of Jun, 2008 11:25 GMT
openSuper-small window upon propagating changesTBDFri 27 of Jun, 2008 14:29 GMT
openChanges to languages should be trackableBTBDWed 02 of Jul, 2008 12:11 GMT
open"Complete translation" does not affect translation statusTBDSebFri 04 of Jul, 2008 18:15 GMT
openHow to deal with translation of content created by modules?DTBDalain_desiletsMon 11 of Aug, 2008 16:02 GMT
closedLayout of translation UI is unusableBTBDSat 06 of Sep, 2008 09:35 GMT
openWhen creating a new translation, too easy to leave language at the defaultCTBDalain_desiletsFri 05 of Sep, 2008 20:05 GMT
openTranslate button is ambiguousTBDalain_desiletsFri 08 of May, 2009 11:37 GMT

Function Group F: Improvements From a Translator's Feedback

 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
openMore editor spaceFmarta.stojanovicFri 25 of Dec, 2009 18:04 GMT
closedDirect link to wiki syntax helpFmarta.stojanovicFri 25 of Dec, 2009 17:48 GMT
openTwo windows for translationFmarta.stojanovicThu 19 of Feb, 2009 22:19 GMT
openSave shouldn't close the editorFmarta.stojanovicThu 19 of Feb, 2009 22:22 GMT
openMark a part of text to be verified later Fmarta.stojanovicThu 19 of Feb, 2009 22:23 GMT
closedInsert special chars easier Fmarta.stojanovicFri 25 of Dec, 2009 17:47 GMT
openSpecial chars should include more choiceFmarta.stojanovicFri 25 of Dec, 2009 17:54 GMT
closedEdit toolbar buttons should be re-ordered Fmarta.stojanovicFri 25 of Dec, 2009 17:57 GMT
pendingEdit toolbar buttons should be better explainedFmarta.stojanovicFri 25 of Dec, 2009 17:58 GMT
openWysiwyg or compressed tags at leastFmarta.stojanovicFri 25 of Dec, 2009 18:00 GMT
openUsual keyboard shortcutsFmarta.stojanovicTue 06 of Nov, 2012 21:08 GMT
openFlexible text granularity Fmarta.stojanovicThu 19 of Feb, 2009 22:29 GMT
openTranslate/manage links dynamicallyFmarta.stojanovicMon 02 of Mar, 2009 17:19 GMT



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