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Still to be done

  • Update to SVN, move to TRIM and fix the bottom line "Last update from CVS(): " which always shows today.

  • add (dummy?) localizations in: Bengali, Albanian, Macedonian, Malagasy required for ; update Chris Salzberg

  • Newsletter April 2008
    • Archive it in some form
    • Promote the intro video, recent progress, various reports (by LPH, etc) and the Screencast done
    • Recipients
      • Send newsletter to all Registered site members done
      • OTT done
      • Mozilla i18n group
      • WikiSym people

  • Dogfood structures to make sure they play nice with the translation enhancements

  • Search for relevant terms in google (multilingual wiki, translation, etc) and make sure all relevant sites are listed at Relevant sites and resources and contact site admins/communities, where appropriate.

  • an article in the Multilingual would be nice :-)
    • Alain and Louise Brunette are already scheduled for a paper on quality in collaborative terminology and translation communities for the Multilingual Computing Fall issue. They could certainly mention the CLWE project in there. Maybe we could also submit a paper on CLWE in the same issue. Maybe a special issue on collaborative technologies...



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