How easy should it be to change the language of a page, once set?

How easy should it be to change the language of a page, once set?
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[4:35:44 PM] Alain Désilets says: BTW:
[4:36:10 PM] Alain Désilets says: Even if Minor edits are kept in the history, I don't think it's a good idea to allow anonymous to do them.
[4:36:30 PM] Alain Désilets says: Because it means people can make changes and they cannot be tracked by people who follow those pages.
[4:36:45 PM] Alain Désilets says: So, leaves you open to spamming.
[4:37:17 PM] Marc Laporte says: you mean email notifications of changes?
[4:37:23 PM] Alain Désilets says: Yes.
[4:37:25 PM] Marc Laporte says: +1
[4:38:07 PM] Marc Laporte says:
[4:38:19 PM] Marc Laporte says: tiki_p_minor is not given to Anonymous
[4:39:38 PM] Marc Laporte says: On a related note, it still too easy for an anonymous person to change the language of a page :
[4:40:05 PM] Marc Laporte says: Once a language is set, does it really change often?
[4:40:38 PM] Marc Laporte says: Once set, maybe changing the language of a page should not be in edit screen (would keep things simpler too)
[4:40:46 PM] Alain Désilets says: Normally, it should only change if the page was assigned the wrong language by mistake.
[4:41:01 PM] Marc Laporte says: If it's a new page or no language set, it makes sense to have language picker
[4:41:03 PM] Alain Désilets says: And maybe only admins should be alllowed to do it?
[4:41:17 PM] Alain Désilets says: Have to go.
[4:41:19 PM] Xavi says: AD: +1 (maybe registered)
[4:41:21 PM] Marc Laporte says: yes, maybe tiki_p_admin_wiki
[4:41:32 PM] Alain Désilets says: Yes, registered makes more sense actually.
[4:41:39 PM] Alain Désilets says: Can someone add tracker item for this?
[4:41:43 PM] Alain Désilets says: I need to go.
[4:41:43 PM] Marc Laporte says: because there is no history of language changes...

myles7897: zzxc:*Importing+from+Safari
myles7897: zzxc: I think someone edited and just changed the lanuage without using the translate button, it hasn't been approved
firebot: New Sumo - Knowledge Base Articles bug 428718 filed by
firebot: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, KB article: Importing from Safari - Windows
cilias: eww, looks like one of the locale leaders is applying his edits to the english articles, rather than creating a tranlsation
myles7897: if we find what lanuage we can just paste it in
myles7897: its finnish, you want me to create it?
cilias: not, unless you can translate the title
myles7897: probaly from the content
cilias: darn, rollback doesn't do freetags
cilias: :-(
myles7897: and you can find a translater online
cilias: <sigh> I'm going to have to trough aksu's action log, to find out how many articles he overwrote. I was only notified of one, but I didn't know about the safari one
cilias: If anyone comes across an article that is supposed to be in English, but was changed to Finnish, don't edit it. Tell me, so I can roll it back
myles7897: ok
myles7897: maybe this should be made more clear on the translating page?
cilias: I'm not sure aksu read the page.
cilias: It doesn't say anything about clicking Edit this page
myles7897: that might be the problem
myles7897: they think they cantjust click edit this page and than change the lanuage
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cilias: marclaporte: pinfg
marclaporte: cilias: pong
cilias: marclaporte: hi. It seems one locale leader has changed the language on en-US articles, rather than creating translations
cilias: I'm rolling back versions
cilias: but when I try to set the language on Importing from Safari back to english
cilias: I get a message "The language can't be changed as its set of translations has already this language"
cilias: I detached the translation
cilias: and still get the error
cilias: any idea what's going on?
cilias: myles7897: are you still editing the importing from Safari article
cilias: ?
myles7897: no
cilias: marclaporte: do you think the lock is preventing me from changing the language
cilias: ?
cilias: Currently, I still get the "Page is currently being edited"
zzxc: cilias: it might be me, I got taken to the edit page for that article directly from search results, somehow.
zzxc: cilias: I closed it, though
marclaporte: cilias: we were just talking about this today :
marclaporte: current situation is an accident waiting to happen
marclaporte: is in Finnish
cilias: yes, and it should be set to English
marclaporte: someone is edting now
cilias: For me, it says myles7897 is editing, but he is no longer editing; so I assume it's just a matter of waiting for the lock to time out
cilias: If I override it, and set the language
myles7897: I have closed Firefox numrous of times since I closed
myles7897: I am not even longed in
cilias: I get the above error "The language can't be changed as its set of translations has already this language"
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marclaporte: looks like bug
zzxc: marclaporte: Earlier, *Importing from Safari was showing up in the search results, directly linking to the edit page link.  It's no longer there.
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marclaporte: looks like the db  needs manual clean ...
zzxc: Was the staging article system implemented for sumo, or was it there originally?
marclaporte: for SUMO
marclaporte: SUMO is motivating lots of enhancements :-)
Cww: Yay.
marclaporte: the multilingual wiki idea has been floating for years, but no one wanted to work on it without a real test case
marclaporte: in 2004, Louis-Philippe and I were talking about it...
marclaporte: it's nice to finally see it
marclaporte: even if there are bugs ;-)
cilias: So, is setting the article back to English something that can't be done right now?
cilias: I'll keep note of which article is the translation (which I detached).
marclaporte: When I try, I get same error
marclaporte: I swapped this article to English
marclaporte: as a hail mary!
marclaporte: Do we care about histroy?
marclaporte: maybe just delete pages and start over
Cww: do we use the history to diff for translators?
cilias: I can copy the source from staging
cilias: Cww: it's not an inproduct article, so no
Cww: ok
cilias: Besides, I've detached the one and only translation
marclaporte: hmm, there are lots of comments
marclaporte: we can't delete
cilias: Let me have a read through

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