Cross-language notification

Cross-language notification
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  • Allow a page translator to receive notifications when any translation of a page receives a modification.
  • Languages could be restricted to the user's preferences.
  • Ideally, notifications would only be sent for new content and not propagation of content already existing in the maintained version.

2008-02-06: Some thoughts by AD on this.

When a translator first does a translation task on a particular page, upon saving, the system could display a message like this:

Thank you for translating this page. Would you like to be notified when there is new translation work that you can do on this page? Yes | No

If the user says Yes, then whenever there is a translation task that involves a language pair that the user can translate, it will notify him. If he says No, then the system will never bug him about notification for this particular page. But it will continue to bug him about other pages, but only once the first time he does a translation on a particular page.

This would seem like a gentle, non-obtrusive way to encourage translators to adopt translation of particular pages.

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