Language equivalence not transitive

Language equivalence not transitive
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On June 24, 2008, Marc Laporte and Alain D noticed something wrong with the home page of wiki-translation.

The Fr version had a language link to an Arabic version, which turned out to point to the En version. But the En version did not have a language link to the arabic version.

Louis-Philippe (LPH) thinks that it might be corrupted data in the DB. This data would have been created with a broken version of CLWE. LPH fixed the bug but didn't have time to cleanup the DB. LPH says all that is needed is to break apart the language links, and to reconstitute them from scratch. But Alain D says he did exactly that the Tuesday before (which is AFTER LPH fixed the bug).

Need to keep track of this issue. On June 24, Alain D. re-did what LPH suggest (break linguistic versions apart, and re-associate them). Let's see if the problem re-occurs.

It would be interesting to look at the Apache logs for all linguistic versions of the home page, to see how the translation assignment might have been changed. I think that means finding all the cases where tiki-edit_translation.php (or something like it) was invokved with a POST requestion.
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