BabelWiki08 workshop report

This page will be used to write up a summary of the BabelWiki workshop after the event.

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At the end, the fourth section of the workshop was devoted to demos:
  1. Edit/Leo (Alex)
  2. Words and Collocations in European Languages (Daniel)
  3. JIAMCATT Wiki (Olaf)
  4. Demo of typical terminology DB
  5. Beytrans: Wiki based CAT tool for volunteer translators (Youcef)
    (shown on a flash tutorial)
  6. ))WeBiText((: A large translation memory based on web content (Alain)
  7. All languages in one wiki: Emacs wiki. (Alex).
  8. Multilingual Translation Memory. "Tagleen" beta. (Milorad)
    (url for the demo? - shown with http://localhost:8088/glossary/Wiki.jsp
  9. The Cross Lingual Wiki Engine (CLWE)
    (The demo will be held tomorrow, and also partially shown at the previous JIAMCATT demo)

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