BabelWiki08 meeting notes

This page is the starting point for taking notes and organizing them during the BabelWiki'08 workshop.

Themes and notes from breakout sessions

During the CardStorming exercise, 7 clusters of issues were idenfied by participants:

Some of them were discussed in breakout sessions (click on above links to see notes of those sessions), but some of them were left out, in order to allow more time for demos (see the next section below)

1.2. Software demos

Below is a list of software that was demoed at the workshop.

At the end, the fourth section of the workshop was devoted to demos:
  1. Edit/Leo (Alex)
  2. Words and Collocations in European Languages (Daniel)
  3. JIAMCATT Wiki (Olaf)
  4. Demo of typical terminology DB
  5. Beytrans: Wiki based CAT tool for volunteer translators (Youcef)
    (shown on a flash tutorial)
  6. WeBiText, a large translation memory based on multilingual content mined from the web. Alain Désilets
  7. All languages in one wiki: Emacs wiki. (Alex Schröder).
  8. Multilingual Translation Memory. "Tagleen" beta. (Milorad)
    (url for the demo? - shown with http://localhost:8088/glossary/Wiki.jsp
  9. The Cross Lingual Wiki Engine (CLWE)
    (The demo will be held tomorrow, and also partially shown at the previous JIAMCATT demo)

1.3. Chat


There is a chat to allow real-time communication with distant users.

Besides, please register and login in this site and join the Babelwiki08 group (see button below).

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