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CLWE Project User Feedback

> Hi Nelson,
> Just wanted to touch base with you on the wiki translation project.
> From the scientific standpoint it is obviously great to have a group
> of people using the tool in a genuine context. We need to think about
> what user data we might be able to collect and use, to draw
> conclusions about the effectiveness, usability, etc. of our approach
> that we can report and use in further work.
> First I wanted to understand what lines of communication are in place
> between us and the Mozilla folks, and you're obviously the best person
> to ask. I've seen Bugzilla entries at
> - is there anything more that is happening in the way of feedback?
> Also, as I understand it, Mozilla is testing tiki versions as we push
> them out, and eventually they will really be using it for
> support.mozilla. Is this correct?
> If you have any more thoughts on how to assess our work, feel free to
> send them my way!
> Cheers
> Seb

One way is to keep track of the bugs that come up on bugzilla. just do
an advanced search on sumo. But there is quite a bit of noise there as
the bugs there are not all about the translation aspect.Discussion
also happens on the newsgroup, but again
stuff there is not just about translation.

So the best way is to make a list of issues/categories/questions that
I can comment on/answer or pass on to someone else to comment

So far pretty much everything that has been done so far is on the
mozilla site. Overall, everything is very useful. However, some

1) For Mozilla, a translation is either out of date or up to date
(i.e. needs translation or not). And the view is that the person that
is most capable of telling if something needs to be
translated/re-translated is a human being). The thing about some
translations having more up to date content than others, is not well
accepted right now, as having more up to date content does not
necessarily imply need to translate this new content.

2) Other than this, for Mozilla, all the translation stuff needs to
work with the staging and approval system. So far, I have managed to
integrate the two. But I have to keep this up, otherwise a feature
will not make it in. For example, the ability to allow a lot of people
to help to translate freetags will not be possible for Mozilla unless
we have a way to approve these tag changes, or restrict these changes
to the staging area or something.


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