Robot possibly assigning translations

Robot possibly assigning translations
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It has happened many times that a page was wrongly assigned as the translation of another page. In particular, in early June 2008, the page CLWE Screencast Demo page was assigned as the English version of the home page!

We suspect this may be due to <span class= "highlight_word_0">robot</span>s that unknowingly do that. Need to investigate and make sure it can't happen again.

A first step is to enable logging of activity, and also making sure that the Apache access log will remember more than one day of activity. That way, we will be able to tell who, when and how this is being done.

We should download the access log on a regular basis and grep for "POST /tiki-edit_translation.php"

On 2008-06-10, we noticed that the language associations were screwed up for the home page. In particular, the "Welcome to wiki-translation" page was considered to be an Arab version of the home page, and the Catalan version was considered to be either English or French (can't remember which it was).

We need to look in the Apache logs to see how this happened.

On 2008 June 26th, between 10:25 CEST and 10:45 CEST. I saw a similar issue: "Welcome to wiki-translation" page was considered to be a Polish version. I changed that to English, again.
However, there is no log for language associations in :
I would expect them to be, so that it's easier to tracker when the page became associated to the wrong language, by whom, check apache logs for that, etc.
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