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I've been involved in projects to translate software strings through the usage of wikis, and they were poorly followed by the community potentially interested to have that software translated. I mean, using plain wiki features, like you seem to have set with your dokuwiki. Moreover, It was a head-ache for me as coordinator to look for missing strings to be translated (not everybody translates line by line), and merging with people translating directly to the source files in cvs and committing changes.

On the contrary, and at least for the end user, it would be much easier if dokuwiki integrated the CLWE, so that people might help on the translation of one or more languages they know, and for whatever version you are using nowadays, but also for the next versions of the software you produce.

On the BabelWiki08 page, you have a link to the printable paper explaining how CLWE works, and on the right hand side menu, there is a linkn to the "Architecture document".

My 2 cents...

Good luck,

Xavier de Pedro

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