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ssh: Name or service not known

Catalan Countries
Mmmmm, look wht I get while attempting to connect to through ssh:
$ ssh i18nwiki at
ssh: Name or service not known

The weird thing is that it is from the same computer, with the same exact syntax that I used two days ago to connect through ssh to checkout Tiki 110svn successfully no site (parallel folder, wiki-translation is not upgraded to latest svn - at least from me - yet)

Any idea what's going on?

Ah, and thanks to Luc'is tips, "Remember me" feature is back working nicely!!!!!
(I could see that I'm still logged in after two days of no connection to w-t)
Catalan Countries
In case it wasn't weird enough, 5 minutes later, I could connect through ssh again fine, with no problems.
Some ephimeral issue with connectivity or dns? (whatever)
Everything looks fine to me again...

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