Translation Tool Aggregation


Tools to support translators such as dictionaries, translation databases or automatic translation machines are scattered across the internet. In order to find the correct translation, multiple sources must be verified every time. Depending on the application field, different sources may be used and different requirements might apply. The objective of this subproject is to create a unified interface to access multiple sources at the same time. This page presents the service architecture.



  • The webservice driven architecture allows the source repository to evolve over time without changes from the client sites.
  • Client sites can have a broader definition than wiki engines, which are the primary target.
  • The JavaScript client library allows to improve functionality and correct compatibility issues transparently.
  • Sources will be replaceable using an adaptor interface.

Request content

  • Expression to search for or translate
  • Source and destination language
  • Tags to select the applicable source

Result content

  • Proposed translation
  • Sources who proposed the translation
  • Description containing any additional information provided by the source
  • Proposition quality indication? TBD

Data sources

  • API available


  • Proprietary translation databases
    • May require authentication
    • Not available to everyone
    • May not be available through the web
  • Translation databases without webservice API
    • Likely to require screen scaping and require frequent updates

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