Documentation of Tikiwiki CMS/Grouwpare

Tikiwiki Documentation

(a work in progress)

For which site?
Is the content specific to a field of expertise? Which one?:
  • Documentation of Tikiwiki CMS/Groupware (
How much content has to be translated?
  • When sent to pdf, more than 1000 pages.
Who are the contributors?
  • Many: more than 800+ over several years. Active contributors in 6 months, might be between 10 and 100.
  • Volunteers or employees?
    • Volunteers (mainly), and some professionals (a few, afaik)
  • Experience level?
    • all ranges (techies and newbies)
Who are the translators?
  • Volunteers or employees?: volunteers
  • Experience level?: all ranges (techies and newbies)
  • Are they the same as contributors?: yes, in some cases
Which wiki engine is currently used?
  • Tikiwiki (
Do translators use dictionaries, translation databases or automatic translation tools? Which ones?
Is content currently translated?
some pages (a few), and most of them out of sync for long (years): example I know: Spanish and Catalan translation of english documentation
Which techniques are used?
hand made...
Contact person?
Xavier de Pedro -

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