Collaborative Translation Workshop at WikiSym 2008

We (Alain Désilets and Seb Paquet) are thinking about putting together a workshop on collaborative, wiki-style translation. This would be hosted by WikiSym 2008, which will take place in Porto, Portugal in Sept 8-10, 2008 (

If you are interested, please post your name on this page. Also, feel free to write comments about the proposed format.

Note that this is still tentative!

See the Proposal: Workshop on Wikis and Cross-Lingual Communication & Collaboration
See the Call for Participation - Babel Wiki Workshop '08: Cross-Language Collaboration

People who would like to attend and or present

  • Put your name here.
  • Milorad Tosic, University of Nis, Serbia
  • Youcef BEY, Joseph Fourier University & The University of Tokyo, France & Japan

Relevant topics

Any topic that is relevant to translation of wiki content or to the impact that massive online collaboration wiki-style will have on the world of translation. For a sample, see:

How will massive online collaboration impact the world of translation

Should we change the name?

Need to appeal to many constituencies:
  • wiki
  • collaborative content creation
  • translators
  • terminologists
  • content authors who need their content translated

The current title appeals mostly to translators.

How about

Collaborative Translation and Terminology?


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