CodeFest 2008


As part of CodeFest 2008, a brainstorm session on Cross Lingual Wiki Engine Project was held. The objective of the session was to determine the high level goals of the project and to prioritize them. The approach used was based on the agile methods. Using a white wall and post-it notes, the following steps were executed:

  1. Determine stories around needs for content translation. Around 25 stories and usage types came up in the process.
  2. Similarities between usage types were extracted as dimensions. These dimensions can be used to categorize test sites.
  3. To keep a pragmatic approach, test sites available to use were categorized and evaluated. The Mozilla Support Site has been determined to be the best candidate to satisfy at first.
  4. Typical user roles for the Mozilla Support Site were extracted.
  5. Tasks performed by these roles were listed.
  6. Tasks were categorized any prioritized in time as a workflow for users. The categories highlighted were:
    • Baseline: Elements already included in TikiWiki, but may need improvement.
    • Minimal: Set of features required for the project to be useful as a translation tool. These include translation interfaces, synchronization mechanisms and proper display of multilingual content.
    • Machine translation support: Tools to support non-native speakers access to content not yet translated.
    • Site management: Tools to manage translation tasks, prioritize them and help potential contributors to get started.
  7. A demonstration of the current features provided by TikiWiki.


  • Alain Désilets
  • Nelson Ko
  • Marc Laporte
  • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau
  • Sébastien Paquet
  • Stéphane Thibault
  • Yan Levasseur

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