CLWE Google Summer of Code Proposal

The Cross Lingual Wiki Engine project aims at designing, developing
and testing lightweight wiki tools to support communities that
collaboratively create and maintain content in multiple
languages. Such tools are needed for example, by the Mozilla Support
community (our lead user organization) that produce multilingual user

Although the project is based on a TikiWiki platform (an Open Source
project), our aim is to come up with a blueprint and reference
implementation that other wiki engines can easily emulate.

The project was started in November 2007, and thus far, we have
implemented basic features which could be used by a community of
motivated and technically sophisticated users, to collaboratively
produce multilingual content in simple scenarios.

We are applying for Google Summer of Code funding in order to bring
the system to a next level, by improving its ease of use, and allowing
it to deal with more complex scenarios.

See for details.

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