CLWE Barn Raising Jan 2008

A barn raising session for the Cross Lingual Wiki Engine Project was held on Jan 6 in Montreal, at La Bande Passsante. This was part of CodeFest phpQuébec 2.0.


The bulk of it will be a collaborative planning session where we will try to figure out exactly what we want to build, for who, and where is the core business value of a Cross-Lingual Wiki Engine.

But if all goes well, there will be time for some coding in the afternoon.

The barn raising will be facilitated by Alain Désilets. Marc Laporte, leader of the TikiWiki project, and Louis-Philippe Huberdeau, one of the core developers of TikiWiki will participate.


9h30 -> 10h00 Booting up (informal)

10h00 -> 10h30 presentation (Alain Désilets)
  • Why should we do this project?

10:30-12:00: User-Centered Design Exercice (~ 90 mins)
  • StoryBoarding: Participants tell stories where a particular user working in a particular organisation uses the system in a particular way to meet a particular goal (~30 mins)
  • Based on these stories, we generate:
    • List of Typical Organizations that might use a Cross Lingual Wiki engine, each for specific goals (~15 mins).
    • List of Typical Users and their respective goals (~15 mins)
    • List of User Tasks, i.e. a list of typical things that the user needs to do WITH the system in order to meet his goals
    • Product Vision: A paragraph that describes the product. Who is it for? What does it allow them to do? What is its competitive advantage compared to similar products? (~15 mins)

12h00 -> 13h00 Lunch

13:00-13:30: Release Planning (~30 mins)
  • Figure out an order in which to implement support for the User Tasks, so that we can very early on support end-to-end transactions that provide a high business value.

13:30-14:30: Technical Architecture planning (~ 60 mins)
  • UML diagrams, that sort of thing, in order to visualize the main building blocks that will be needed.
  • What are the technical "gotchas" that we need t be concerned about, and how can we avoid them?

14:30-16:30: Coding (finally!)
  • We divide User Tasks from the top row of the Release Plan among participants.
  • Those who know how to code in Tiki start implementing support for a particular User Task. Those who can't pair program with those who can.

16h30 -> 17h00 Conclusion & wrap-up (evalution of CodeFest and discussion about topics for next CodeFest)

17h00 -> 20h00 Informal shutdown (maybe dinner at a pub?)

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