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  1. As anoymous, I attempted to create a new wiki page, and I couldn't. I could edit (as anon.) to use cases page. I made a link to Tikiwiki Documentation page, but I couldn't create it. I went to the new (empty) page, fill in one sentence, plus description of page, hit on save (write anti-bot code), and I got this answer:
Ha hagut un error en una petició de la base de dades!
 File	tiki-editpage.php
 Url	tiki-editpage.php
 insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`hash`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
 1	wiki_page_changed
 2	Tikiwiki Documentation
 4	945614d9910190d33f5e8aaa4ec5f4b3
 5	wiki page
 6	Tikiwiki Documentation
 7	tiki-index.php?page=Tikiwiki Documentation
 Column 'user' cannot be null
 Built query was probably:
 insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`hash`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(NULL,'wiki_page_changed','Tikiwiki Documentation',NULL,'945614d9910190d33f5e8aaa4ec5f4b3','wiki page','Tikiwiki Documentation','tiki-index.php?page=Tikiwiki Documentation')

+ Maybe this site has been updated to latest tw 1.10 code, but there hasn't been manual update of database? (note nktoth message on tiki-devel list, afaik, or elsewhere - I don't remember). Manual execution of tiki_1.9to1.10.sql is needed when upgrading from 1.10cvs to 1.10beta. And it looks that this sql has been run recently. Can you confirm, Marc?

After I logged in as openid user (xavidp), I could go back to that broser window where I hit the error, and I saw that the url had an extra slash after domain name:

Maybe that was (or also) causing a problem, as anonymous?
However, I tried doing the same save on that page as user "xavidp", and I could save the page without any error notice. So the problem/issue seems to arise with anonymous edits...

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