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Re: OpenID problems

I could login with openid (creating a new user "xavidp" linked to that account, different from the "xavi" with admin priviliges here)

However, a couple of issues:
  1. I cannot create new posts in this forum either as anonymous or as logged in user (at least, logged in as this xavidp - openid account). I cannot try yet whether this is an issue with perms (I don't remember my user "xavi" password, and "remember me" feature didn't send the email yet (or it didn't reach my email provider at my university; it seems to take more than 15 min.)
  2. As anoymous, I attempted to create a new wiki page, and I couldn't. I could edit (as anon.) to use cases page. I made a link to Tikiwiki Documentation page, but I couldn't create it. I went to the new (empty) page, fill in one sentence, plus description of page, hit on save (write anti-bot code), and I got this answer:
    Ha hagut un error en una petició de la base de dades!
    File	tiki-editpage.php
    Url	tiki-editpage.php
    insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`hash`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
    0	NULL
    1	wiki_page_changed
    2	Tikiwiki Documentation
    3	NULL
    4	945614d9910190d33f5e8aaa4ec5f4b3
    5	wiki page
    6	Tikiwiki Documentation
    7	tiki-index.php?page=Tikiwiki Documentation
    Column 'user' cannot be null
    Built query was probably:
    insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`hash`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(NULL,'wiki_page_changed','Tikiwiki Documentation',NULL,'945614d9910190d33f5e8aaa4ec5f4b3','wiki page','Tikiwiki Documentation','tiki-index.php?page=Tikiwiki Documentation')

    Maybe this site has been updated to latest tw 1.10 code, but there hasn't been manual update of database? (note nktoth message on tiki-devel list, afaik, or elsewhere - I don't remember). Manual execution of tiki_1.9to1.10.sql is needed when upgrading from 1.10cvs to 1.10beta. And it looks that this sql has been run recently. Can you confirm, Marc?

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