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Please post here all configuration changes to the site

We are many admins here so we must make sure not to get mixed up.

Please reply to this message with anything you change that other admins won't see in "Since your last visit" module.

Since we just upgraded to 1.10, we'll want to turn on a few goodies. (:smile:)

I just activated:
Open external links in new window: (popupLinks enabled)

OpenID test with existing account was successful.

M ;-)

Upcoming events module now visible to anonymous

Catalan Countries
I did toggle on "Admin > Login > Prevent automatic/robot registration:", since the users table was growing from periodical spam account attempts...

Catalan Countries
I upgraded the theme style to the latest kubrick.css and tpl's from chibaguy (fully adapted to Tiki 2.0)

BTW, I still can't login with my openid (, which I could use whe we first installed w-t (using tiki 1.10 cvs)

Catalan Countries

granted by default to group anonymous.

Catalan Countries
some more changes:

Allow same file to be uploaded more than once: only in different galleries

Granted those global perms to group anonymous:
tiki_p_download_files file galleries Can download files
tiki_p_view_file_gallery file galleries Can view file galleries
tiki_p_list_file_galleries file galleries Can list file galleries
tiki_p_view_fgal_explorer file galleries Can view file galleries explorer
tiki_p_view_fgal_path file galleries Can view file galleries path

and upload to gallery last minute contributions for BabelWiki workshop has been granted to registered, right now.

Catalan Countries
anonymous can edit pages again, for the BabelWiki workshop

Catalan Countries
I just configured file galleries from BabelWiki workshop so that download is allowed for regitered. this way will see how many people is interested enough to download the pdf's prior to the conference. We might set that (if you wish) also for anonymous during the BabelWiki workshop or wikisym08 days. But at least for the time being, I leave it like this.
I've checked that nowadays simple registered users can download files.

Catalan Countries
useGroupHome enabled
added group BabelWiki08 (which includes registered) , and set BabelWiki08 as their default homepage

I manually added some users to that group (at least the ones I know that they plan to attend.

I'll leave the subscribe plugin (=button) for others to let them join freely.

Catalan Countries
feature_comments_post_as_anonymous enabled
let's see if we don't get too much spam during the next week days, at least (wikisym workshop, etc.)

Site is now at Tiki5, with an alternate theme.

Kubrick for Tiki5 is not yet available from and the old one breaks the videos.

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