Function Group E: Computer Assisted Translation Tools

At the Nov 2008 TikiFest in Paris, Marc Laporte, Youcef Bey and Alain D├ęsilets discussed what could be done in TikiWiki, to incorporate the kinds of basic Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools that professional translators can't survive without nowadays. The result was the roadmap below.

Who will use it, and what for?

Types of organisation

  • International NGOs with distributed offices/volunteers
    • Goal: Support volunteer-bassed crowsourcing of translation.
  • Small translation offices
    • Goal: Use internally to do Just in Time, Agile translation
  • Software Localisers
    • Crowdsource localisation to their users (note: Already done by Pootle, so don't focus too much on that).

Use cases

  • I am translating and can't find how to translate a term, or phrase. Give me some suggestions found in some resource (ex: dict, termbase, translation memory).
  • I looked for a translation and couldn't find it in any of the available resources. Now I found the answer and want to contribute it back to some resource.
  • I am getting a bunch of suggestions. I need to know which one is better.
  • I have some data in TMX or TBX format, or other. I want to import it into TikiWiki.
  • The content I need to translate is in MS-Word. How to do this?
  • I am not translating, but need to access a dictionary (Note: not core Use Case, but might come for free).

What tools?

Make a list of the kinds of CAT tools we might want to support.


Three possible approaches:

  • Build a "poor-man's" version from scratch directly into TikiWiki.
  • Integrate an existing Open Source software into TikiWiki (ex: OmegaT).
  • Interface with existing web services.

Existing building-blocks


  • TBX
  • TMX

Open Source software

Commercial Software

  • etc...

Free web services

  • GDT
  • etc...

Commercial web services

  • etc..

Iteration Plan

To Add an Item
  • Click on the above link, and make sure to specify Iteration = Five, and Group = E.

 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned toLastModif
Site has its own local terminology database. User can enter entries.EFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:38 GMT
Implement automatic alignment editor to deal with pages that already exist, which were not created using a segment by segment editorEFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:40 GMT
Change translation editor so it shows each segment in its own edit boxEFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:42 GMT
Search field on translation editor searches not only in dictionaries and TBs but also in TMEFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 18:47 GMT
Implement wrappers for other free online dictionariesEFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:30 GMT
Import an existing dictionaryEFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:31 GMT
When user saves a translation, aligned segments go into a TMEFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:33 GMT
Automatic alignment of paralle textsEFivealain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:45 GMT
Wrapper for Machine Translation servicesEFivemarta.stojanovic Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:47 GMT
Search box at bottom of Translation dialog (or in module or popup)EFivebey Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:48 GMT

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