minor vs normal vs urgent translation request: make it clearer

minor vs normal vs urgent translation request: make it clearer
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cilias: I'm going out to get something to eat; but I've just upload <http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Translating+articles>, and would like some feedback.
marclaporte: cilias: when someone changes something which doesn't affect translation, it's best to click "minor" 
marclaporte: ref: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1676
cilias: marclaporte: why are you telling me? what did I do?
marclaporte: you said you wanted feedback, no?
marclaporte: it's a general guideline/tip that I noticed on other sites.
cilias: marclaporte: ohh, for the Translating pages article! ok
marclaporte: :-)
marclaporte: so if I correct a typo, I should check "minor" otherwise translators will be informed that they must get to work, which is not the case
marclaporte: UI should be clearer but until it is, maybe this should be added the documentation
cilias: marclaporte: what about the "Alert translators:" checkbox?
marclaporte: that is for urgent/important stuff
marclaporte: when info won't just be missing but wil be outright false
marclaporte: wil-> will
marclaporte: so there are three levels of edit, (about how translations are affected)
marclaporte: 1- minor: don't translate
marclaporte: 2- normal: translate when you can
marclaporte: 3- alert translators: OMG, someone is going to die if he follows these instructions :-)
***marclaporte is very very pleased to see that many translators will soon be taking the system for a spin :-)
cilias: perhaps some relabeling is in order: [don't alert translations] [alert translations] [makes translations out of date]
cilias: or perhaps make "don't alert translators" a checkbox
marclaporte: yes, something like this
cilias: BTW, we've already got many translations
cilias: But a lack of notification for locale leaders is keeping those articles in the staging area
cilias: I'll see if I can pull up the bug
cilias: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=423566
firebot: cilias: Bug 423566 cri, --, ---, nelson can be found at wordmaster.org, NEW, Need notification of new translations for approvers
marclaporte: ok, I see
cilias: np! Could you please give <http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Translating+articles> a read through? Tell me what you think?
cilias: marclaporte: Alert translators should probably be renamed "mark other translations out of date"
np: i think you need a description of what the checkboxes mean
np: and what "Partial translation" does
cilias: Having a checkbox called "Alert translators" gives the impression that a regular edit does not alert translators.
np: is there going to be something about translating sumo ui?
cilias: No current plans, but I can create one...
cilias: I don't know if the current method is final of not
cilias: Right now, we have the "Toggle interface translation on" method, but
cilias: I think there's talk of switching to one page that lays everything out.
np: even if it's not finalized, having something that says it's not finalized would be good
cilias: djst would know
np: because it seems like one of the obvious questions not answered
np: zzxc: ping
marclaporte: cilias: what's the problem with interactive translation?
cilias: marclaporte: Just a guess: there may be some items that locale leaders haven't come across, thus not translated yet.
marclaporte: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make any noise?

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