Translations should not have to always be done in one go

Translations should not have to always be done in one go
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If I update the English version based on the French version, and hit the save button before I have completed the translation, the system considers that English and French are now up to date, and there is no more way for me to remember that it's in fact out of date, and what parts need to be updated.

This is a problem I have encountered when I developved multilingual features in LizzyWiki, and I was never able to find a satisfactory solution to it.

The solution I used was that the system kept nagging the user, asking him if the translation was complete or not. But this was really annoying.

I suggest we try a different solution.

When translating, below the Save button, we will put a check box that says: "translation completed". By default, it will be unchecked. If the user clicks on Save without checking that checkbox, the pages will not be considered to be in synch.

Chances are that at first, people won't think to check that checkbox when saving a complete translation. Hopefully, the Page translation box will signal to them that they forgot to do this, and they will then edit the translation again, and save it this time with the check box checked. Over time, they will learn to check this box when necessary.

If the user does not notice that the Page translations box still indicates that this page is out of date, it may not matter. At some point, someone else will look at it, notice that the two pages are in synch, and will save the page with the check box checked.

Or maybe we should have two buttons: Save partial and Save complete. Not sure which will work best.

Eventually, we could do something a bit more sophisticated (using autoamtic page alignment) where the system can automatically tell when it looks that the pages are in synch or not, and may remind the user when it looks like they forgot to label the pages as being in synch. But that's for a later iteration.

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