Planning a followup to the AMTA 2010 Workshop on Collaborative and Crowdsourced Translation

At the end of the AMTA 2010 Workshop on Collaborative Translation and Crowdsourcing, it was felt by all participants that there was a need for this group, or similar multidisciplinary groups of translators and technologists, to meet again to discuss issues of common interest.

If you would are interested in participating in such an event, and or, would like to help planning it (even if it's just to make some suggestions), please put some information on this page.

Possible venues

  • ATA 2011, Boston, USA, Oct 26-29, 2011
    • Likely to attract translators
    • Event not so attractive to technology folks, but the city (Boston) is a hotbed for technology, including some MT and lots of HLT work, and may thus be attractive (ex: a good occasion to visit colleagues in technology areas)
  • EAMT 2011, Leuven, Belgium, May 30-31, 2011
    • Attractive for technology oriented folks
    • Not so attractive for translators

Possible topics

  • Collaborative Translation and Crowdsourcing
    • Q: What would this add to what we have already learned at the AMTA workhop? How to make it different (or just bring in different people?)
  • Putting Machine Translation into the hands of translators
    • A possible interactive format would be a kind of Wiki Barn Raising event, where we would try to collaboratively write down a collection of known "patterns" for successful deployment of MT in translation shops. Something like the wiki patterns web site, except that instead of being about patterns for wiki adoption, it would be about patterns for MT adoption.

Who is interested in participating?

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