Mozilla Firefox Support

The story is the support site for Firefox. It has been running a (customized) version of TikiWiki since ??. Translations
have begun into the following languages: Ukrainain, Russian,
Portuguese, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Brazilian. There's an
average of about 8 per language right now. There are an additional average 15 articles in each of the following:
French, Italian, Dutch, Italian, Swedish in draft right now.

Use case description

Site: - User documentation for Mozilla software
Current wiki engine: TikiWiki 1.10 with new (feb 08) translation code
Contributors: ??
Translators: ??
Translation tools used: ??
Maturity stage: English content exists, some content in other languages
Peculiarities: Modifications go through a staging phase. Only approved pages are shown to non-editors.
Contact person: Nelson Ko
Priority needs:

Translation issues identified by Mozilla FF Support folks, and followup conversations

(See also CLWE Project User Feedback)

Need for preferred locale in URL to support proxy caching

  • For scalability reasons and to support external proxy caching, a users' preferred locale (for users that are reading without being logged in) must be in the URL. Right now, this is not in TikiWiki, and I (Nelson) had to do it specially for Mozilla. Will merge in when I have time.

General requirements


More generic (non-translation specific) requirements:

More requirements that cropped up from initial use

UI finetuning

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