Massive data sharing

These are notes from a breakout session at the AMTA 2010 Workshop on Collaborative Translation and Crowdsourcing, Denver, Colorado, October 31st 2010.

Was this session held at all? If so, can the participants write down what they remember from it? Thx, Alain.

This breakout session focused on a cluster of issues that pertained to the sharing of linguistic data between different organisations and communities, in order to facilitate translation of any form.

The following issues were raised for this cluster during the brainstorming part of the workshop:
  • Reduce barriers for sharing and leveraging of translation knowledge
  • Generating training data for Statistical Machine Translation (epsecially for low resource languages and dialects or new domains)
  • Helping with translation for less widely spoken languages

Below is a summary of the discussion that took place around this cluster, in the breakout session.

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