Create a Page by Clicking on a Dangling Link

A task done by ((Page Author).

Say, an English page EngParentPage that points to existing EngChildPage has been translated to FrParentPage.

A frequent chain of even is that the translator translate the link to EngChildPage to be a dangling link to FrChildPage.

Later on, the same person or some other person click on the dangling link and creates FrChildPage from scratch instead of translating it from the existing EngChildPage.

To avoid this, when EngParentPage is translated, the pasted content into FrParentPage should use a special for the translation of the French link, something like:

{TranslationOf: EngChildPage}

This special markup would be rendered as a dangling link with anchor text "Traduction de: EngChildPage"

When the user clicks on that dangling link, the system asks for the name of the French translation to EngChildPage, and then it creates that French page, associates it to be the translation of EngChildPage, and pastes the content of EngChildPage into that French page.

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