Layout of translation UI is unusable

Layout of translation UI is unusable
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The translation updating UI on w-t has become completely unusable.
6:46:50 AM Alain Désilets says: Probably cause of changes to the Kubrick theme.
6:46:54 AM Alain Désilets says: For example, try this:
6:46:55 AM Alain Désilets says:
6:47:17 AM Alain Désilets says: Two problems.
6:47:57 AM Alain Désilets says: Problem 1: The diff and the text box for editing are displayed inside a scrolling area that is way too small to allow viewing anything, let alone edit it.
6:49:06 AM Alain Désilets says: Problem 2: The diff and text box are displayed inside a same scrolling area. In other words, you can't scroll the diff and the edit box independantly of each other.

Fixed by LPH. The problem was that the source files on w-t were inconsistent. Bad SVN syncrhonisation.
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