Tag translation and sharing

Tag translation and sharing
Function Group
  • The system must allow the tags to be translated between languages.
  • When a page has a new translation, tags from the source page must be incorporated to the page.
  • When a tag is added to any translation, they should also apply to all translations.

Proposed implementation

  • Tag translation should be similar to content translation
  • Tags must have a language associated to them, but can also be marked as "universal" (no language)
  • A table to associate tags between languages should be created
  • A tag from an other language affected to a page should be translated
    • If the tag was already translated, it should be swapped transparently
    • Otherwise, requires human intervention. Translator enters the translated tag, It creates a new tag, binds it to the tag translation set and swaps it on all pages containing the tag.
  • Tags from foreign languages should be used as suggestions on the current page or used to search if the tag cloud on the page is not relevant enough
    • Content of the pages may differ and some tags may not apply to all translations.
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