Babel Wiki Workshop '08 Invitations

People who have said they're interested in attending:

A Desilets
Louis-P. Huberdeau
Xavi de Pedro
A Kumaran, MS Research India
Brian McConnell

List of email addresses:

Below is the list of addresses. To know who these people are, look further down.

Warning, there could be some duplicates.

mark.pegrum at, freeder at, henny at,
mserrano at, Sunir Shah <>,
alex at, webmaster at, ed at,
dwayne at, aelzaim at, bisharat at, Chris Salzberg <>, jito at, dimitris at, outreach at, info at,
Christophe Ducamp <>, mark.pegrum at,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Andre.Guyon at PWGSC.GC.CA, Gilles.E.Martel at, olaf at, marta.stojanovic at, sj at, thuan at, pogge at; melaniemattson at, micbuffa at, adam at, tmuldner at, lucas.gonzalez at, jaap at, artstec at

Mailing lists:

Details about the various folks in the above mailing list

  1. Renato Beninatto and Don DePalma, Common Sense Advisory (see
  2. donna at edits the
  3. WorldWide lexicon dude
  4. Wikiwords dude
  5. WikiHow guy
  6. Wiktionary guys
  7. organizers
  8. mark.pegrum at
  9. flo reeder
  11. Dr Manuel Serrano, GSMSA
  12. ProZ etc. folks — Alain (Seb did it)
  13. Sunir Shah
  14. Alex Schroeder
  15. Wikisubtitles
  16. DotSub ed at
  17. Dwayne Bailey -,
  18. Adel El Zaim, IDRC
  19. Don Osborn,,
  20. The people at
  21. People behind, e.g. (Transifex)
  22. Global Voices Lingua people

  1. People

  1. Anthony Hartley
A.Hartley at

  1. Multilingual MediaWiki people
    1. Aphaia (The wikipedia translation coordinator): aphaia at — Done (she got it from the Newsletter)
  2. Jerémie et Peter (NRCan) — Done, Alain, 2008-04-12
  3. OmegaWiki people,
    1. Erik Moeller, Gerard Meijssen, gerard.meijssen at, albertoserra at, Kim Bruning: kim at — Done, Alain, 2008-04-12
    2. Dvortygirl — Posted message on her WikiHow talk page, AD, 2008-04-12.
  4. Samuel Klein- OLPC wiki someone?: sj at — Done, Alain, 2008-04-12
  5. Thuan Huyhn (TraduWiki): thuan at — Done, Alain, 2008-04-12
  6. Fluwiki People:
    1. pogge at; melaniemattson at — Done, Alain, 2008-04-12
  7. Michel Buffa — Done, Alain, 2008-04-12
  8. Adam Frey: adam at — Done, Alain, 2008-04-14
  9. Colas Nahaboo — Alain, 2008-04-12
  10. LOPLT (UQO) — Alain, 2008-04-12
  11. GTLI (CNRC) — Alain, 2008-04-12
  12. Youssef Bey: bey at — Alain, 2008-04-22
  13. Tomasz Muldner (Halifax) — Alain, 20048-04-22
  14. Lucas Gonzalez — Alain
  15. The VTLM (Very Large TM) guy: Champollion — Alain, 2008-04-22
  16. Wikisym group members in Facebook (Alain I think you can do that as an officer)
  17. Wikisym announce mailing list, , Alain, 2008-04-22
  18. wiki research mailing list, Alain, 2008-04-22
  19. Olaf M Stefanov --, Alain, 2008-04-22
  20. Artur Stec --, Alain, 2008-04-22
  21. Ward Cunningham — Alain, 2008-04-22
  22. People behind Xavi sent email in April to project leader (he had some emails exchanged with them months ago). Mikel L. Forcada. No answer yet. I'll try again in short.
    • sent another message on May 20, morning to Mikel L. Forcada
  23. Antoni Olive, from Open University of Catalonia, from the Language Processing Group: , and involved in a project to enhance Moodle to support multilingual translation of documents. Xavi sent email in April to project leader (he had some emails exchanged with them months ago). No answer yet. I'll try again in short.
    • sent another message on May 20, morning, to Antoni Olive.
  24. Given CFP and shown draft of CLWE paper for Wikisym 08 to Ignasi Labastida, Creative Commons Coordinator in Spain and Catalonia. He will show that in an European Creative Commons meeting to propose using such a system to keep their CC multilingual documentation in sync, and thelling them abot the BabelWiki workshop in September. Xavi - May 30th
  25. Sent conact e-mail (with CFP) to the leader of the group "Research Group about teaching and learning of languages (GREAL)", which is also the leader of the "network for promotion of educative research", on the field "Teaching Languages and Literature in Plurilingual contexts" (publicly funded with 160.000 € on 2006 = big network in Catalonia, which needs to be internationalized, handling plurilingual documents, etc.). - Xavi. email sent on May 31st.
  26. Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado (vjrj) and other admins of site (gforge'd site hosting copylefted projecte everywhere in the world since 2003, at least). vjrj has been co-deveolping with people in Brazil (afaik) a new cms software writen in ruby for multilingual communities. - Xavi. email sent on July 3rd.
  27. Yavor Doganov ( and People behind GNUnited Nations ( Xavi. Email sent on July 3rd.
  28. daniel at PhD thesis on how to automatically extract multilingual terminology information from Wikipedia. — AD invited him 2008-05
  29. (Multilingual Systems (MLS) group in Microsoft Research India)
  30. Jaap van de Meer, TAUS, jaap at

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