1. There is a true need for this
    alain_desilets Wed 07 of Nov, 2007 13:27 GMT

    I think translators would absolutely love something like that.

    As part of my research, I do a lot of contextual interviews where I sit beside a translator while she works, and ask lots of annoying questions.

    It's not uncommon for translators to have 3 dictionaries open, one translation memory and a google search window. They always check in more than one source. They often comment that it's a pain to have that many windows opened and have to navigate between them and reneter the same terms over and over. Some of them go to great lenghts to arrange the windows spatially so that they are easy to navigate.

    So having a single interface for querying and seeing results from searches in many resources would be great.

    One problem is that many of the resources they use are closed proprietary.

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