Demo movie of CLWE features

Demo movie of CLWE features
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We need a 10 mins demo movie showcasing the features of CLWE. This will be useful for getting potential clients (Mozilla, NRCan) and contributors (ex: members of wiki-translation) excited.

Rick Sapir is currently working on it.

Below is a possible synopsis for this video.

  • Site Admin activates multilingual features and sets English as default language, and French and Spanish as other supported languages.

  • Site Author creates a page by clicking on a dangling question mark link on a French page. System automatically assumes this new page to be also French. If Site Author creates page using Quick Edit a Wiki Page, system assumes site default of English. In both cases, Site Author can override.

  • Site Translator gets to French page, notices no English equivalent. Clicks on Translate button, and creates new English page. Translates parts of the content and hits Save Partial Translation. Later on, finishes translation and hits Save Finished Translation.

  • French Site Visitor who also reads English, gets a URL by mail for the English page. He goes there, but the system displays the French page, cause knows it's his preferred language. This can come from Firefox preferences, or Site preferences.

  • Site Author changes the French version of the page. Note how no master language. Eventhough site default is English, Site Author is allowed to write his change in French first.

  • English Site Visitor who also reads French gets to the English page and sees that it needs updating from English. So he decides to go to the French instead.

  • Site Translator decides to translate change from the French to English, at which point, English is displayed as up to date.

  • Site Author modifies French page, and adds a vital piece of information. Labels the change as critical.

  • English Site Visitor visits the English page, and sees a critical translation needed notice, so knows to treat the info with care (maybe switch to French).

  • Critical change rapidly propagated to all other languages.

  • Note that possible for both French and English to need updating from each other, and system deasl with that gracefully. French and English start as up to date. English Site Author modifies English. French Site Author makes a completely unrelated change to French. Both pages labelled as needing to be updated from the other. English Site Translator updates from French, at which point, only French labelled as needing update. Then French Translator does the same with French and both pages back in alignment.
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