Function Group C: Reading and translating from unfamiliar languages

This version will include features to help visitors read content in languages they are not that familiar with, and translate content from languages they are not that familiar with. Machine Translation technology will be required for this.

Supported Use Cases

A Page Author may want to Write a Page in Simplified English with Assistance from the System, so as to create a version of the content that is easier to read by non-native English readers.

A Site Visitor may want to do Cross-Lingual Keyword Search, to find relevant information in any of the languages he can read.

A Site Visitor may want to Get Assistance in Reading a Page in an Unfamiliar Language.
  • AD: I suggest we move this to previous iteration.

A Site Visitor may also want to View a Machine Translation of Untranslated Changes.

A Page Translator may want to Get Assistance in Translating from an Unfamiliar Language.


 TitleFunction GroupIterationAssigned to LastModif
Automatic identification of synch or out-of-synch statusCTBDalain_desilets Tue 19 of Feb, 2008 22:00 GMT
Constrained line-by-line translation GUICTBDalain_desilets Wed 02 of Apr, 2008 13:35 GMT
Translated changes appearing as needing translationCTBDalain_desilets Tue 19 of Feb, 2008 22:07 GMT
When creating a new translation, too easy to leave language at the defaultCTBDalain_desilets Fri 05 of Sep, 2008 20:05 GMT

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