AMTA 2010 Workshop — Insights of the day

This page summarizes the "insight of the day" that various participants had after the AMTA 2010 Workshop on Collaborative Translation and Crowdsourcing.

Call from Alain Désilets to all Participants: Please enter your insight of the day here, and put your name beside it, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Alain Désilets: I had many insights on that day, but the most important one for me was the realization that:
  • The whole point of Crowdsourcing and Machine Translation is to be able to deal with the huge amounts of content that are currently not being translated at all
  • If only a small portion of these new and additional translations are sent for revision by professionals, this will be enough to keep all present and future professional translators busy for the foreseeable future.
This is an additional and very compelling argument that I will be using in the future, when talking to translators about these technologies.

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