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Title Function Group Priority Iteration Assigned to Last modified
Edit toolbar buttons should be better explained F 4 marta.stojanovic Fri 25 of Dec, 2009 17:58 GMT
Search box at bottom of Translation dialog (or in module or popup) E 3 Five bey Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:48 GMT
Wrapper for Machine Translation services E 5 high Five marta.stojanovic Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:47 GMT
Automatic alignment of paralle texts E 4 Five alain_desilets Wed 10 of Dec, 2008 20:45 GMT
Support for direct translation on new page creation links B 3 TBD lphuberdeau Wed 12 of Mar, 2008 15:36 GMT
Handle change reverts B 3 TBD lphuberdeau Tue 15 of Jan, 2008 15:17 GMT

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